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Our strength is thehuman element, weaccompany you andyour customers inyour daily life

Our experts are with you every day…

Local in-store sales and marketing support.

  • We are at your side for all the key moments, such as the launch of a new range, a store opening, and online or in-store sales and marketing campaigns
  • A regional, national, and international network to track your activity closely
  • Ongoing training for employees
  • Management support

Effective training for employees

  • We adapt to your availability and your organization, offering e-learning, tutorials, virtual classes, phone- and/or video-based remote support, and in-person presentations by sales and marketing personnel in the region
  • We train you in using our product range, teaching you about the benefits and easy sign-up process

High-quality remote support

  • Simple and direct initial contact for you and your customers
  • User-friendly performance tracking and analysis tool
  • One call number
  • Open daily from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm (Sundays from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm)
  • 92% of calls answered with an average wait time of 30 seconds
  • Next-day reply for emails

Expanding your marketing and digital marketing skills

  • Our teams of experts advise you on marketing action plans and give you support during key sales and marketing periods, such as sales and clearances
  • We keep you up to speed on the latest marketing trends (UX optimization, new usages) and how to tailor your business to take advantage
  • Because Oney solutions are customizable, we can create special sales and marketing initiatives with you in under 48 hours

We also support your end customers, ensuring that they are totally satisfied.

A simple, direct and human relationship with your customers

One call number

7 days per week


call taking

1 email

Nothing to organise or plan, and above all no bad surprises
Mohammed, 44 ans.
The direct debit date is respected
Maryline, 39 ans
It makes payment easier
Sophie, 32 ans

… In many markets in Europe

  • 3x 4x Oney
  • 5x 12x by Credit Card
  • 5x 60x
  • Deferred payment 30 days

Your benefits



Oney bears the cost of risk. Working with Oney means you can always be confident of getting paid within 48 hours. We are also PCI DSS certified.



100% omnichannel solution : We offer online and in-store split payment solutions. Customers enjoy a simple, smooth experience and an answer in under 30 seconds. Grow your revenue and average basket spend by placing your trust in our expertise, which we have been building for 40 years!



easy-to-integrate payment solutions (API/CMS/PSP) : Our solutions are integrated in most platforms (PSP, GDS, CMS and more). And our developer portal makes it easy for you to get the tools needed to integrate our solutions quickly.



Our customer service team is on hand for you and your customers : As a sales and marketing partner, our teams are there to help you and your customers from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.



Retail and banking business experts at your side : With 40 years of experience in commerce and banking, Oney has the skills to cover your entire retailing business, from accounting to UX/UI, integration, and marketing. As a business facilitator, we are committed to supporting you throughout the customer journey.


More turnover

Customers who are offered a fractional payment solution increase their shopping basket by an average of 16%. The fractional payment market is growing steadily*: it is estimated that by 2025, the share of online fractional payment (BNPL) will increase by 50% in terms of sales volume. Take advantage of this business opportunity!


Give your customers the power of instalment payments.