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Oney paymentsolutions for yourcustomers, designedby merchants

Payment in instalments

What if there was a simpler way to pay?

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Your benefits

Oney makes payment simple, direct, human, and easy. That’s good for your business, for you and for your end customers.

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Profitable: increase in average basket spend


Secure: cost of risk and collection guaranteed by Oney


Flexible: 100% omnichannel solution


Simple: easy-to-integrate payment solutions (API/CMS/PSP)


Expertise: retail and banking business experts at your side


Assistance: our customer service team is on hand for you and your customers

The statistics tell the story


average increase in basket spend


average increase in purchase frequency


average increase in revenue


acceptance rate for jointly assessed customer profiles

Give your customers the power of instalment payments.

We are partners

Our partner Selency

Charlotte Cadé, CEO

Our partner Atol

Eric Plat CEO Atol

Over 4,400 brands have put their trust in us. Join our community!

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Our solutions

Oney solutions are designed to make your life easier through their use cases and integration.

3x 4x Oney is a split payment solution. Not just quick, it is critical to your business.

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We offer you the keys to simple, autonomous integration in today’s FinTech era.

Quick and easy technical integration

Our solutions are integrated in most e-commerce platform:

including Payment Services Providers (PSPs), Content Management Systems (CMS), and Global Distribution Systems (GDS),  in Europe, keeping things simple for you.

Integration of payment solutions is facilitated, and transactions are recorded in your usual processes, with instant accounting reconciliations.