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At Oney, when we become your partner, it is to truly support you and your business, in good times and bad.

Whether you are a large or small business, physical, digital or both, whatever your business model, we are here to support you. Because we know that the life of a retailer is not a long, quiet river, and that retailers understand each other.

At Oney, we want to support the new generation of retailers who must rethink their in-store experience so that it is as seamless as it is online and rethink their online experience so that it is as secure as it is in-store.

So we are there for our partners on a daily basis: to make their customers' lives easier of course, but also their own, through payment solutions but also insurance, loans, support... A real personalised support for each of you.

Ils nous font confiance

Les 600 enseignes partenaires qui nous font déjà confiance à travers l’Europe :      


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il ristorante
pizza paï
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